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  • Analysis of High Power LED Reading Lamps
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  • Technology At present, three kinds of reading lamps are commonly seen in market: the traditional incandescent reading lamp, the halogen reading lamp and fluorescent reading lamp. The incandescent reading lamp and the halogen reading lamp are cheap and emit the light with good continuity, yet they consume much energy and produce heat. If the power is high, they shine too much to make people dazzle; if the power is too low, the intensity of illumination is lower than requested. The fluorescent reading lamp has a larger light pane, thus the shadow of the object which is shed on by the light is very small, which causes little impact on our eyes. However, the color rendering index of fluorescent reading lamp is lower and its frequency-flicker effect is inclined to make our eyes feel tired. Lumps which contain mercury should not be abandoned like daily trash when they are used up. They should be collected and handled according to the relevant regularity. Some countries have made the law regarding this issue. Currently, the market of high power LED reading lamp is still a burgeoning one; the price is high and customers know little about it. Nevertheless, LED reading lamp enjoys a vast market prospect. LED reading lamp has many advantages, such as eye-friendly, power-efficient, environment-friendly and lasting. Power-efficient The high power LED reading lamp consumes less electricity and work well with 3W~4W power. Environment-friendly LED reading lamp uses LED as its light source which wont produce waste and thermal radiation. Eye-friendly The light produced by LED is close to the natural light which is good to our eyes. It is the ideal light source indeed. Long life span The life span of a LED lamp is between 50000 hours and 100000 hours and it is resistant to shock. High illuminance Suppose the distance between the light source and the desk is 350~400mm, the illuminance on the desk may reach more than 500 lx. When the cost of LED lamps is cutting down step by step, the breakthrough development of LED lamp market can be predicted. High power LED reading lamps will be seen in many families and serve us by then.
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